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Arnhem Arnhem is a bustling city and has a lot to offer. Not only to visitors and tourists but to it’s inhabitants as well. Think of pleasant shopping in the versatile city center and in the Fashion Quarters. Amidst the shopping area you can find countless cafes and restaurants situated on friendly squares, old courtyards as well as on the edge of the river Rhine. One can also fully enjoy the beautiful city parks such as park Sonsbeek and Zypendael or the nature reserve Veluwe, which starts just outside Arnhem, and the floodplains of the river Rhine. Furthermore there are several recreative facilities such as Royal Burgers Zoo, Museum Arnhem and the Dutch Open Air Museum.

In March of 2017 the Arnhem International School has opened it’s new Location in the Schuytgraaf area. ISA offers education and care for children age 0 to 18. In short it is” a meeting ground for the families of school going children” . Because of it’s favorable location, next to train station Arnhem South, it is excellently reachable by public transport.

Arnhem is characterized by its exciting, interesting and unusual history. You can find reminders of this all over the cities architecture and monumental buildings. The city is known world wide for the Battle of Arnhem (1944), which was part of operation Market Garden.

Culturally Arnhem is the home base for organisations such as Introdans, the Gelderland Classical Orchestra (Gelders Orkest), een historic theatre, Gelredome (festivals and concerts) and a wide variety of smaller theatres and music stages. For culture lovers there is plenty to discover on a weekly base.

And last but not least is Arnhems central location in the Netherlands. Not only is there an easy access to highways leading directly to Utrecht, Amsterdam and The Hague, but Germany is also close by. Düsseldorf is as long a drive as Amsterdam. Public transport is exceptionally well organised. Trolley busses make surrounding towns easily reachable and Arnhems State or the Art central station holds a capacity of 110.00 train and bus passengers a day.