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No. The Supreme Court has determined that the asking price should be seen as an invitation to make an offer. Even if you offer the asking price, the seller can still decide whether to accept your offer or not, or to let his broker make a counter offer.

Yes that is allowed. A negotiation does not necessarily have to lead to a sale. In addition, the seller may want to know if there is more interest. It is also possible to negotiate with more than one candidate at the same time. A VBO realtor must clearly state this. Often the selling VBO realtor will tell interested parties that a property, as it is called, is "under offer". As an interested party you may make a bid, but the realtor may only negotiate with you when the negotiation with the first interested party has ended. The VBO realtor does not make any announcements about the amount of the bids. This could provoke outbidding.

Yes that is allowed. Sometimes there are so many interested parties who offer or approach the asking price that it is difficult to determine who is the best buyer. In that case, the selling realtor - in consultation with the seller - may decide to terminate the current negotiations and change the bidding procedure and then opt for, for example, a registration procedure. All bidders have an equal chance to make the highest bid. Before changing the system, the realtor must of course first comply with any commitments made.

Do you have a home for sale and are you considering selling it? We will always visit you without obligation. This way we can get to know each other and view the house in peace. After our conversation, we elaborate an extensive valuation and sales strategy. After this it is up to you whether you want to sell the house through us.

No. "Purchaser's costs" include the costs that the government attaches to the transfer of a home. These are the transfer tax, the notary costs for drawing up the deed of transfer and the costs for registering it in the registers. In addition, the buyer must take into account the (notary) costs for drawing up and registering the mortgage deed. If the selling party has engaged a real estate agent to sell the house, the costs will be at his expense. After all, the selling realtor represents the interests of the seller and not of you as the buyer. For this reason, it is usually also wise to engage a realtor yourself. The realtor fee for a buying realtor is for the account of the buyer.

No. The selling realtor determines the sales procedure together with the seller. If you are seriously interested, ask the realtor what your position is. This can avoid disappointment.

The statutory three-day cooling-off period means that you as a buyer can cancel the purchase without giving any reason. The reflection period of three days starts as soon as a copy of the signed purchase agreement has been made available to the buyer. The reflection period can last longer than three days if it ends on a Saturday, Sunday or generally recognized public holiday. Rules have been drawn up for this. The VBO realtor can indicate exactly when the cooling-off period runs.

You are only negotiating if the selling party responds to your offer by means of a counter offer. However, you are not yet negotiating if the selling broker indicates that he / she will discuss your offer with the seller.


Yes, you must be registered with 't Mauritshuis Makelaars and have agreed to our general provisions as stated on our website.

Yes, you have to pay a deposit, usually this is one to two months rent at the start of the rental period. This deposit remains under the management of the owner or Stichting Derdengelden 't Mauritshuis. The deposit will be refunded to the bank account number you provided within one month after the final inspection has been approved and after the rental period has ended.

No, registration is completely free. It costs you nothing and does not commit you to anything.

The Vacancy Law is an adopted measure by the Ministry of Housing, Spatial Planning and the Environment to accommodate homeowners who own two homes due to a lengthy sales period. The rental legislation has been relaxed, so that the landlord has a notice period of three months. The tenant has a notice period of one month. A minimum rental period of six months applies. Based on the Vacancy Law, a home can be rented for a maximum of five years. The costs for a permit under the Vacancy Law vary per municipality and range from zero to a few hundred euros.

The rental prices stated on our website are always exclusive of gas, water, electricity, television, cable, internet and telephone connection, service costs and local taxes, unless stated otherwise in the offer or on the website.
Local taxes for the tenant consist of sewage charges, waste levies, water board tax and, in some cases, poldership tax. The relevant municipality can tell you more about this.

Unfurnished houses usually have a floor, wall and window coverings and one light point in each room. Furnished houses are also equipped with a complete inventory and furniture. You can therefore immediately move into these homes.

Rent through ’t Mauritshuis Makelaars

No, we do not have a waiting list so that we can always immediately advise and guide you in finding your desired home.

Yes, unless otherwise agreed in the rental agreement, you must register yourself at the start of the rental period. We can also register you for the utilities. We note the meter readings on the delivery report. These positions can be filled in directly and on site, so that you can take this with you when entering into the contract with the utility providers. When your rental period ends, the meter readings are again noted for the final settlement.

Yes, the garden is part of the rented property. It should remain in the state in which you accepted it.

Depending on the provisions included in the lease, you can cancel by registered letter to the landlord and a letter to 't Mauritshuis Makelaars. You should consult your rental agreement for this. If you have any questions, you can always call our office for more information or send an email to

Yes, this is included in the tenancy agreement. The realtor will make an appointment with you 48 hours in advance (on working days). You will not be surprised by viewers, this is always done in consultation with the relevant realtor.

Your privacy and personal data are of the most importance to 't Mauritshuis Makelaars. The information you provide will therefore be treated in strict confidence.

Your data will be immediately destroyed at your request, at least within 30 days after the last contact moment.

If you have viewed a house and want to rent the house, the real estate agent will send you a link from Huurcheck Nederland. Here you can create a file and supply the necessary documents. Think of a landlord and employer statement, copy of passport, etc., all in accordance with the AVG standard.

The definition of a temporary lease is that a start and end date are included in the lease. At the end date, the tenant must actually deliver the house empty and clean.