Renting out your house

Step 1: What is your plan

Do you want to rent out your home? Then we will make an appointment first. Via this way you will find out what you can expect from us and we can get to know you better. We look at and discuss the house you would like to rent out and discuss any requirements you wish on a tenant.

In addition, we provide you with insight into the current housing market, the rights and obligations that you have as a landlord. We also provide you with information about tenancy law, which is an important part of our profession. And we provide advice on the expected rental income.

Do you want to rent out your home via our office? Then we will proceed to the official part. Discussing and signing the service contract. We will send this to you for your (digital) signature.

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Step 2: Presentation of the house

After signing the service contract, we will start promoting your home. We will, of course, ensure that your home is brought to the attention of as many potential tenants as possible. We start with taking photos of your home and a video also belongs to the possibilities. For this we make an appointment with you and we would like to ask you to clean the house as good as possible, we can also advise you on this. Then we prepare an advertisement text and the property can be registered on our own website,, and we will post the property on our Instagram.

We may use the following as additional promotional material:

Professional photography and video
Styling advice
Floor plan

Step 3: The first viewing

When we receive requests for viewings, we will start planning! But not before we ask interested people to tell us something about themselves. Like work, family, how long the candidate wants to rent. We will supervise the viewing for you, viewers often feel uncomfortable if the landlord is also present at the viewing. Viewers then dare to ask fewer questions and make comments. That is why we will supervise the viewing for you. We try to convey the feeling of the house as good aspossible and try to find out whether viewers are interested and why (or why not). This is valuable information for you and for us.

Are the viewers interested? That is good news!

Step 4: A suitable candidate

The interested candidate will first be thoroughly checked by us. We do this on the basis of an extensive creditworthiness check. We check whether the candidate is suitable by checking relevant documents. This includes passports, employment contracts, payslips and an extract from the basic registration of persons.

Step 5: The official part

Once we have checked everything and presented the tenant to you, we will prepare the tenancy agreement. We will first send this to you for verification, when you have approved the agreement, the agreement will be sent to the new tenant for signature. After the tenant has signed, it is your turn. When you have signed it is official, congratulations!

Step 6: Key handover

After signing the tenancy agreement, we immediately schedule the key handover. You can be there, but you don't have to. During the key handover, we draw up an inspection report and take photos of the current state of the house. The inspection report is a zero measurement and will be important when checking out the house and processing the deposit.

When the inspection report has been drawn up and the photos have been taken and both parties have signed the inspection report, it is time for the key transfer.

Stap 7: Property management

We can also act as a property manager of your home. As the owner you will be unburdened, in case of malfunctions, defects and calamities.

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