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Do I have to pay a deposit? And if yes, when will I get it back? Yes, you need to pay a deposit, in most cases it is equal to one or two months rent, paid at the start of the rental period. This deposit will be managed by the owner or by ’t Mauritshuis foundation for managing third party funds. The deposit will be returned to the bank account provided by you within one month after the end of the rental period, provided this has been approved during the end inspection.
Garden maintenance, is this mandatory? Yes, the garden is part of the rental property. This needs to remain in the state that you accepted it in.
What does ’t Mauritshuis Rental Agency do with my personal information? Your privacy and personal information is highly important to us. Any information given by you will be dealt with as strictly personal.
What does ’t Mauritshuis Rental Agency do with my private information when I don’t rent a house through you? Your details will immediately be deleted, in any case within 30 days after our last moment of contact.
The property I’m renting is for sale. Doe I need to comply with viewings? Yes, this is mentioned in the rental agreement. De estate agent will make an appointment with you at least forty eight hours in advance (on weekdays). You will not be surprised by visits. It will always be in coordination with an estate agent.
Do I owe ‘t Mauritshuis Rental Agency anything when I register myself through the website registration form? No, registration is totally free. There are no costs involved and commits you to nothing.

What is included in the rental price? The rental prices on our website are always exclusive gas, water, electricity, telecoms connection, service costs (if applicable) and Municipal taxes, unless mentioned otherwise in the listing on our website.

Municipal taxes for the tenant consist of sewage, waste charges, water management tax and in some cases polder tax. Your Town Hall can provide you with exact details.

What is the difference between semi-furnished and furnished properties? Semi-furnished properties are generally fitted with with floors (laminate or carpet), curtains, finished walls and a light in every room. Furnished have a complete inventory and furniture. Such a property is ready to move into.
What is a temporary rental agreement? The definition of a temporary rental agreement is that it contains a start and an end date. On the end date the tenant should deliver the property empty and cleaned.
I want to terminate the rental agreement. How do I do this? Depending on the clauses mentioned in the rental agreement you can terminate it through a registered letter addressed the owner and a letter or email to ’t Mauritshuis Rental Agency. You will need to check your rental agreement to see what is applicable for you. When you have questions you can always contact one of our offices for more information or send an email to verhuur@mauritshuis.info.
Do I need to register myself with utility providers? Yes, unless it has been agreed to differently in the rental agreement you need to register yourself at the start of the rental period. However we can also do this on your behalf. On the in-check inspection report we will note the meter readings and will use there to arrange contacts with utility providers. At the end of the rental period we will take meter readings again for the end calculation.

What does Vacancy Law mean? The Vacancy Law is government approved measure to support property owners who, through a prolonged sale period, own two properties. The rental conditions have been eased, which gives the owner a cancelation period of three months. The tenet has a cancelation period of one month. There is is however a minimum rental period of six months. Under the Vacancy Law a property can be rented out for a period of maximum five years. The costs for a vacancy Law permission (charged to the owner) varies between municipalities and can be anywhere from zero to several hundred Euros.

Renting through ’t Mauritshuis Rental Agency

Which information does ’t Mauritshuis Rental Agency need when renting a house?

We need the following date from you to draw up a rental agreement:

  • A fully finished registration form
  • Employment contract with a company stamp and signature (this will be verified)
  • Salary slips of the last three months
  • In case you don’t have an employer we will need your last annual income statement
  • If you are self employed will will need to see the complete balance of the last two years
  • Color copy of your passport or ID (no driving license), including the backside of the plastic holder page ???
  • Statement by mortgage provider or statement by landlord/manager/owner (this will be verified)
  • Copy of your bank statements showing account number, name account holder, deposit of last three salary payments and last six rent or mortgage payments. Other mutations can be blocked out.
  • Copy of your debit card, back and front
  • Extract of your registration at the Town Hall and of your partner/roommate (if applicable)

Note. In case you provide us with incomplete or incorrect information we cannot draw up a rental agreement

Should I be registered to be able to view a property? Yes indeed, you need to be registered with ’t Mauritshuis Rental Agency and have agreed with the general conditions as mentioned on our website.
Are there waiting lists for the properties of ’t Mauritshuis Rental Agency? No, we don’t have a waiting list so that we can adivise and assist you right away with finding your desired property.

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