Sell your home

The housing market is constantly changing and often unpredictable. 't Mauritshuis Makelaars carefully guides you throughout the sales process. Mediating in the sale of a home requires a great deal of care. With knowledge of the regional market, 't Mauritshuis Makelaars sells at a good price with favorable conditions.

Step 1: What is your plan?

Do you have the plan to sell your home? We would like to be the first to know what your situation is and what your wishes are. We would like to make a non-binding appointment with you to inspect your home.

By inspecting your home we can make a realistic estimate of the value. We supplement this by conducting research into the market. Based on this, we prepare a sales advice. If you subsequently decide to work with us, we will record this in a service contract.

Step 2: Market

We understand that you want nothing more than the best price for your home, preferably as high as possible. We always aim to sell your home for the best possible price, but we must remain realistic!

In order to guarantee this, we conduct a thorough market research. During this research, we look at comparable homes and an analysis in the neighborhood. We mix the knowledge we have gained with the visit to your home and our own knowledge and experience to achieve a result: a sales advice with an estimate of the expected sales value, asking price and the sales strategy.

Step 3: Promote your home

In order to offer your home as good as possible, we draw up a publicity plan to sell your home. We will look at what marketing tools fits your home best. We do this through professional photos, videos, 360 degree photos and floor plans. But also by writing a catchy text for the presentation on our own site and And we will post the property on our Instagram. Our photographer and stylist will shortly style your home before taking the photos. So that your home is best depicted. We take that extra step!

We also need your help for a good presentation! We are working on the promotion but you must ensure that the house looks neat. For the photos and video but also for when the first viewers are on the doorstep. Make sure the house is tidy and that most of your personal and precious items have been removed.

Step 4: The first viewing

If you ensure that the house looks neat, we take care of the viewing. We supervise the viewing, viewers often do not feel comfortable if the seller is also present at the viewing. Viewers then dare to ask fewer questions and make comments. That is why we will supervise the viewing for you. We then try to convey the feeling of the house as good as possible and try to find out whether viewers are interested and why (or why not). This is valuable information for us. After the viewing, we will contact you to tell you how the viewing went.

Step 5: The start of negotiations

It is time for the first bid. We enter into negotiations with the interested candidate. It is important that we keep our head cool at that time and that we get the most out of the negotiation. With the aim that you and the buyer are satisfied. This does not have to mean that this is always the highest bid. Sometimes a lower bid can have much more favorable conditions and a higher bid may have uncertainties. We also take this into account and advise you.

Step 6: The official part

When we have finalized the negotiations, we will make the sale official with the purchase agreement. All agreements we have made are recorded in the purchase agreement. This legal document defines all rights and obligations of the seller and the buyer. Are things not clear? We are happy to answer all your questions, with a nice cup of coffee, so that you can sign with confidence.

When all signatures have been placed, the purchase agreement is concluded.

Step 7: Notary

The purchase agreement then goes to the notary. The notary fixes a date and time for the transfer of ownership, when the deed of transfer is signed.

After the final inspection of the house, we go to the notary. During the appointment with the notary, the notary checks the deed of delivery in your presence and of the buyer. If both parties have signed the deed of transfer and if the deed of delivery is registered in the Land Registry, you are officially no longer the owner of the house.

And then it is time for champagne, your house is sold!

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