Region Gooi & Vechtstreek

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Economically the Gooi en Vechtstreek is doing very well. The combination a space and nature on one side and the international facilities of the Metropolitan Area that is Amsterdam on the other, makes this an interesting area for many forms of business activity. This enhances the economy and stimulates employment opportunities.

To attract business the province invests in business locations. And to be internationally competitive it invests in agriculture, knowledge economy and innovations in small and medium size businesses. Furthermore it stimulates cooperation between schools and employers, so as to make sure students have better work opportunities. The culture heritage of the Gooi en Vechtstreek is marked by monumental buildings, farms, windmills and dykes that are constantly maintained and restored. It’s purpose is to have as many people as possible enjoy this cultural heritage. There is also a continues investing in locals facilities such as theaters, libraries and museums.

The Gooi and Vechtstreek offers a rich variety of options to combine living, working and spending quality time. Boating, horse riding, walks, shopping, visiting marinas or a quaint old town such as Muiden; this region offers something new to discover every time.